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Well, I just got.. kinda.. sort-of.. lazy. But, well I’m back. I didn’t write anything before too but I feel happy ’cause I’m back. For those of you who follow me in the hope that one day I’ll pour out all 73% crap in mind out for you guys, I appreciate you! No really.

I may start pouring 69 out of 73% (4% of crap is too personal) of crap out after my end-sem exams. So, keep hoping that the apparent successor of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (don’t kill me!) will write something on his blog. Though I’d like to give you a ‘welcome to my awesome blog’ speech. Bear with it.

Welcome to my shitty blog, where I will be providing you information that won’t be useful to you. Information here will clog your mind with useless clutter and you will go to coma due to information overload. This blog is an ‘Opinion only’ blog. Never use it for making your school project, or any other assignment, because if you do, you’re gonna fail anyway..

This blog was supposed to be created a long time ago, but I just kind of got lazy. If you’re reading this and notice this blog hasn’t been updated in many months, well, I just kind of got lazy. If you’re reading this and it ’s 2015 and they’re using this blogs as a historical example of how ’shitty blogs were’ back in 2012.. well it’s almost 2013 (i.e if we survive the doomsday), then, well, I just kind of got lazy.

Have fun with the blog. Feel free to pepper the comment section with diabolical rants that have little to no relevance to the blog posts. If you hate this blog, please let me know. It’ll crush me emotionally, but at the same time, I think I ’m kind of addicted to that type of sick, twisted pain. Weird huh? However, if you actually like the blog, please don’t let me know. I ’d rather live in the shadows of failure.

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The English ‘El Clasico’.

Disclaimer: I’m not writing this post as a Chelsea fan. It’s strictly according to what i think about the match happened b/w Chelsea and Manchester United on 5th Feb at Stamford Bridge.


36′ – Jonathan Evans (OG)Daniel Sturridge got in down the right, moved towards the near post and cleverly fired it back where Evans had no time to get out of the way. The ball hit his arm and trickled in.

46′ – Juan Mata – 29 seconds into the second half, Sturridge sent the ball out wide right for Fernando Torres to whip in a glorious ball that Juan Mata finished perfectly with a superb first-time volley high into De Gea’s net.

Mata got all the plaudits for the stupendous finish but you can not underestimate how good the Torres cross was, that set up the goal. It took out the entire United defence.

51′ – David Luiz – Evra fouled Sturridge and Chelsea got a free-kick. Mata whirled in a free kick that found Luiz totally unmarked, his glancing header flicked off Ferdinand and flied into the top corner. 

David Luiz, The Cult Hero, scored again against Man United, but but but, Ferdinand’s flick got it in, if not flicked it could have got into De Gea’s hand or off-target.

David Luiz after scoring the 3rd Goal

57′ – Wayne Rooney (PG)One word, STONEWALL. Sturridge brought Evra down in penalty box. Rooney converted the penalty by powering it into the roof of Cech’s net.

69′ – Wayne Rooney (PG)One word, VERY HARSH. Welbeck made sure he made contact with Ivanovic, who had got to the end of his sliding tackle without touching either ball or man.

Oh what a tangled Webb we weave, When first we practise to deceive.

After seeing the replays, I can say, Ivanovic was avoiding contact after his failed sliding tackle, BUT, as I said before, Welbeck made sure he made a contact with Brana, and got down immediately. Howard Webb, made a brave decision, after Rooney gave him a stare, and awarded penalty.

84′ – Chicharito – Rooney hit a brilliant snap-shot on the turn from the edge of the area that Cech could only parry. Legendary Giggs picked up the loose ball and, ever so simply, found the leaping Chicharito six yards out to head in.

Chicharito, the speedster, the Mexican Inzaghi, scored again against Chelsea, from the very first time on Community Shield 2010 to that 36 seconds goal in Champions League QF 2nd leg, to this league game, he keeps gobsmacking Chelsea’s defense, more specifically, David Luiz in latter games.

Penalty not given?

Cahill did made a tackle and also got a touch on the ball but the way he took Welbeck’s legs in the follow-through ensured that he had no chance of reclaiming possession and continuing his surge towards goal. After seeing replays, i can say, Cahill tackled him *just* outside the box but he fell inside due to the momentum, that’s why NO PENALTY. Also, it looked like Welbeck was heading enough away from goal, for Luiz to cover.

The correct decision would’ve been a free-kick (that was a dangerous position, so 50-50 chance of getting converted) and a yellow card.

Match Verdict – Both teams wanted to avoid the draw because United are now 2 points behind the leaders Manchester City in the title race and, the gap between third-placed Tottenham and Chelsea is now 7 points.

Chelsea Verdict – For Chelsea, this was the match between a team in transition and a team in race of title challenge. With 5 first team-ers missing, namely Lamps, JT, Ash, Ramires and Drog, had someone said, take draw as a result, anyone would’ve taken it, yet they played good and showed that even without their key players, they can compete with the best of the teams.

  • Bosingwa played unexpectedly good at LB than RB and Mata is clearly now our main player. Essien played like his old-self.
  • Raul Meireles and Florent Malouda are shit. Missed Lampard’s distribution of passes and those surging runs by Ramires.
  • Torres’s confidence is in bits. He could have scored from 10 yards on 77th minute, yet he walked in rather than shooting. He’s too afraid to even miss a goal now.
  • AVB showed his inexperience in tactical nous by not making substitutions. He played a dead log like Malouda for full time, and removed live wire Sturridge. Should’ve made substitutions at 3-0.

Chelsea are showing some signs of progress but it looks like AVB don’t have faith in our young players.

Man United Verdict – There is no more compelling sight in English football than a United side who sniff the chance of a comeback. They showed guts and determination to fight till the end, showed it’s *never* over against Manchester United and came back with 1 point rather than nil.

  • Wayne Rooney improved a lot in second half and was instrumental in their comeback.
  • Fergie showed tactical nous and brought Chicharito and Scholesy on correct time.
  • De Gea. What a save, man! If you want to score a free-kick, put it in the top corner. That’s what Mata did, but Whattey save!
  • Scholesy and Giggsy played better than some young players.

On Fans – Rio should not have been boo-ed, who would not stand for his brother or any other family member?! I seriously condemn that behaviour.

On Referee – Bad officiating to both teams, yet cost Chelsea 2 points but that could be said for Manchester United also, if he had given free-kick + yellow/red.